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Fantastic.  Well drawn and well written.  Very enjoyable.

I think I liked the bird ending best.

Wonderful art! I loved the story too.
I might be wrong, but there is a true ending, right?

Well that's a very beautiful game! the combination of  russian clothes and names , the dark and mysterious atmosphere and the captivating story is perfect . Personnaly , I chose  the sorcerer's romantic ending , and I was not disappointed .  I wonder though what inspired you to make this game? 

This game is simply wonderful! I love the whole fairy tale theme. I admit, the artwork was what piqued my interest first. The characters are well-developed as well as the story itself. It was short, but very enjoyable.

I am so glad to hear you liked both my art and my partner's story. We're going to return to this project soon and add more choices, sprites and illustrations. Now, that I know somebody else played it, I feel much more inspired and ready to work. Thank you very much! :D